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Hunan Mingrui Xiangsheng Trading Co., Ltd.
Hunan Mingrui Xiangsheng Trading Co., Ltd., established in 2009 in Changsha, is a large-scale distributor of chemical raw materials in China. Set up branches in Hubei and Jiangxi provinces. In order to better expand global business, Mingrui (Hong Kong) International Development Co., Ltd. was established in Hong Kong, specializing in import and export of chemical raw materials. Relying on China's chemical raw material supply chain, we can provide high-quality, low-cost chemical raw materials to global customers.
Technical Support
Exported chemical raw materials will go through factory inspection and chemical testing by professional testing departments to ensure that the product quality meets national standards;
Customized chemicals with special composition indicators for customers;

Service Content
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1. Through the global procurement of the highest quality, low-cost chemical raw materials, the chemistry we supply fully meets world environmental and quality standards.
2.There are two production bases in Hunan and Inner Mongolia in China