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Trisodium citrate dihydrate
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Trisodium citrate dihydrate

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content 99.5% package 25kg / piece

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别名枸橼酸钠,是一种有机化合物,外观为白色到无色晶体。无臭,有清凉咸辣味。常温及空气中稳定, 在湿空气中微有溶解性,在热空气中产生风化现象。加热至150℃失去结晶水。易溶于水、可溶于甘油、难溶于醇类及其他有机溶剂,过热分解,在潮湿的环境中微有潮解,在热空气中微有风化,其溶液 pH 值约为8。

Is an organiccompound with the appearance of white to colorless crystals. It is odorless andhas a cool, salty and spicy taste. It is stable in normal temperature and air,slightly soluble in humid air, and weathering in hot air. Heating to 150 ° Closes crystal water. Soluble in water, soluble in glycerol, hardly soluble inalcohols and other organic solvents, decomposed by overheating, slightly deliquescedin humid environments, and slightly weathered in hot air. Its solution pH isabout 8.Colorless crystal or white crystalline powder. It issalty and cool.

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Trisodium citrate dihydrateTrisodium citrate   dihydrate;Sodium citrate   tribasic;Citric acid trisodium salt

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Colorless crystalor white crystalline powder. It is salty and cool.

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Sodium citrate isused as a flavoring agent and stabilizer in the food and beverage industry; itis used as an anticoagulant, phlegm and diuretic in the pharmaceuticalindustry; in the detergent industry, it can replace sodium tripolyphosphate asa non-toxic agent Detergent auxiliary; chemically an excellent chelating /complexing agent, industrial applications of sodium citrate all take advantageof this characteristic. It is also used in brewing, injections, photographicdrugs and electroplating.

Sodium citrate iscurrently the most important citrate. It is mainly produced by the fermentationof starch-based substances to produce citric acid, which is then neutralizedwith alkaline substances. Because the raw materials for the preparation ofsodium citrate are basically derived from grain, it is absolutely safe andreliable, and will not cause harm to human health. The Food and AgricultureOrganization of the United Nations and the World Health Organization do notplace any restrictions on their daily intake, and the product can be consideredto be drug-free. (2) Biodegradable. After the sodium citrate is diluted with alarge amount of water in nature, part of it becomes citric acid, and the twocoexist in the same system. Citric acid is easily biodegraded in water by theaction of oxygen, heat, light, bacteria and microorganisms. Its decompositionpathway is generally converted to carbon dioxide and water via aconitic acid,itaconic acid, and citraconic anhydride. (3) It has metal ion complexingability. Sodium citrate has good complexing ability to Ca2 +, Mg2 + and othermetal ions, and has good complexing ability to other metal ions, such as Fe2 +.(4) Excellent dissolving performance, and the solubility increases withincreasing water temperature. (5) Has good pH adjustment and bufferingperformance. Sodium citrate is a weak acid and strong alkali salt, which can becombined with citric acid to form a strong pH buffering agent, so it has itsimportant use in some occasions that are not suitable for large-scale pHchanges. In addition, sodium citrate also has excellent retardation andstability properties.



Should be placed in a cool and dry placeindoors, avoiding sun and rain.